Is a Blazer a Jacket?

Blazers have been in vogue for centuries and their basic purpose has not changed. The word “blazer” comes from the French term “blasser”, which means sleeve. Blazers were originally worn by men, but recently they have become a favorite fashion accessory of women as well. Originally only worn by men, today women are just as happy to don this staple of their wardrobe. And blazers come in many shapes, styles, colors and fabrics to suit every style and figure.

So, is a blazer a jacket? Well, a blazer, more than likely is a jacket but it can also be a vest, kerchief, or shawl and still call it a jacket. Blazers were once always double breasted with two buttons down the left breast, nowadays they can come in one style with one button. They were made to be comfortable, versatile and easy to carry because of the heavy cloth that was used to create them.

In the winter when you need to stay warm and out of the cold, your best choice is a light weight jacket that will keep you warm and toasty without adding a lot of bulk. A good blazer can be worn with a pair of jeans or khakis, or worn with a dress shirt for that added sophistication. Blazers can be worn with a casual for a fun day out or with a formal occasion to complete that sophisticated look. Some ladies even wear their blazers with jeans during the summer months, but don’t do so while wearing heels or sandals. Keep the same guidelines in mind when choosing your casual ensemble.

You can also wear a blazer to work, school or just about any other occasion whether you want a dressy look or a casual one. If you are wearing yours with a dressy top to work, then you can add some accent colors to draw attention to your waistline. You can go solid colors, or you can wear some patterns like polka dots. If you want to be more casual, you can wear them with jeans.

One thing to consider when buying a jacket is the fact that today jackets are made with a variety of materials. Jackets were mostly created out of cow hide or wool, but these materials are no longer the only ones that can be used to create a jacket. Technology has also changed the face of clothing forever and now you can get jackets from corduroy, leather and many more. You can choose a style that fits your body type, whether you are tall or short, thin or thick. You can also find jackets that come in all colors, styles and with lots of different accessories.

Blazers are also becoming more fashion forward than they were in years past. Many people don’t even consider them jackets anymore, they just refer to them as blazers. Blazers are great because they are versatile, comfortable, and they are perfect for every season of the year. Some of the most popular trends in blazers include the classic pin up front, the ruffled look and even the hoodie style.

As you can see, blazers have changed quite a bit over the years and they are still changing. They are not only for cowboys and farmers anymore; there is a whole new market for them. There are so many different styles to choose from, you can wear them with almost anything, including pants and skirts!

Is a blazer a jacket? It depends on how you use it, what you are wearing and what you are doing with it. It can be a simple basic jacket, or it can be a stylish fashionable jacket. It is so important to understand what kind of jacket you want to wear, because you will have to determine your style and then you will be able to determine which blazer will best suit you. It is a great idea to do some research and see which blazers suit your personality and taste the best.